Where To Tell Someone About Your Crohn's Disease

In part 2 I discussed when you should tell someone about your illness so we will now focus on where to tell them. So by now you should know how and when to tell someone about your chronic illness so by the end of this post and assuming you’ve read the previous posts you will know how when and where to tell someone about you condition.

Right so if you want a quick recap on what part 1 and 2 of this mini-series you can find the links here:

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Just like with everything I’ve spoken about in parts 1 and 2 will depend on how comfortable you are in talking about your illness.

Right so when we talk about where to have the conversation quite simply this is all about location, location and location. So ideally, what you want is a nice calm, quiet environment where there’s little distractions and where you can have a conversation with little or no interruptions at all. Personally, I think it is best to have the conversation somewhere where you feel in control or in familiar surroundings as it just helps boost your confidence which can make all the difference when trying to have these difficult conversations.

You could try having the conversation in the park. Obviously, this is weather dependent so if you want to try this option choose a day where it’s not going to rain because the last thing you want is to be rushing indoors mid-way through the conversation. Some people may find sitting and talking easier or others may find it easier to walk around the park and talk.

You can try inviting that person round to your house. Not only will this be an environment that you’re familiar with but you can feel empowered because you’re on your own turf and can make you feel in control of how and when you have the conversation. Plus, you can create your own ambience and ensure that there are no distractions or interruptions.

If you feel comfortable enough talking about your condition in public then by all means do so and I personally suggest to go to a coffee shop and not a restaurant. Reasons being you can make small talk until your coffee order arrives and then get into the conversation without interruptions which will more than likely happen if you go to a restaurant with the waiter or waitress asking you if the food is ok or if you want to order anything else.

Right so those are my suggestions for the face to face conversations, and in part 1 I mentioned you can tell someone over the phone via face time or text. Realistically, when it comes to texting you can be anywhere you feel comfortable but ideally you would want to avoid distractions as you may not be able to put down what you want to say in a message if you lose your train of thought. So maybe stay in your room or a quiet place like a library to write the messages. If using your phone to talk or face time that person then again you’ll most likely be at home so it’s best to go have this conversation in your room where you can have some privacy.

Hope those tips helped and I'm sure there is more I can add to this topic in the future.


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